A little Achy

Me: Why have you got that sulky, squishy face?

Nell: I beg your pardon? I have not got a squishy face and I am not sulking.

Me: You are. And you’ve tucked your tail under your chin in a determined way.

Nell: It’s a sad state of affairs when a senior animal cannot even rest in the yellow chair without being accused of sulking.

Me: So, what’s put your nose out of joint?

Nell: My nose is fine. It’s the rest of me that’s not.

Me: Are you not feeling well?

Nell: Truth be told, I am feeling a little achy this morning.

Me: My poor darling Nell. Is your arthritis playing up?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Shall I ask Poppy for a pot of Earl Grey? We could share it together.

Nell: That would be most kind. Maybe she has some shortbread biscuits to spare?

Me: I’m sure that can be arranged.

Nell: If you put them on the table next to my chair I can reach them easily.

Me: It isn’t actually your chair, Nell. It’s Kev’s chair. You didn’t even like it at first.

Nell: Knitwear Wolf brought the newspapers. You could read to me if you like.

Me: You’re doing that Selective Hearing thing again and ignoring me.

Nell: Dorothy says there is an interesting article on beavers. Did you know they’re moving in down here?

Me: I didn’t.

Nell: Busy little creatures.

Me: You’ll have to move if Kev needs to sit down, you know.

Nell: Always building things.

Me: Shall I ask Dave to bring in the biscuits?

Nell: Not if you want any left.

Me: You heard me then.

Nell: Would you mind pouring the tea while it’s still hot? As I said before, I’m a little achy today.

Me: Yes. Of course. Sorry.

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