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Me: I knew it.

Nell: Knew what?

Me: I knew you secretly liked the yellow chair.

Nell: I never said I didn’t.

Me: All that grumbling about the colour and there you are sitting in it.

Nell: Chairs are there to be sat on. Yellow, or not.

Me: It suits you, by the way.

Nell: Knitwear Wolf said the same thing when he brought the papers.

Me: Did he now?

Nell: Rupert always has a kind word for everyone.

Me: He does.

Nell: Now, why are you in such a good mood?

Me: Because I can finally tell everyone what’s coming soon.

Nell: Don’t tell me you’ve invited the Easter Terrier to lunch?

Me: No. It isn’t Easter until next weekend.

Nell: It won’t have time next weekend. It will be too busy boxing the Easter Bunny’s ears.

Me: This isn’t about the Easter Terrier.

Nell: Poppy might have invited it to lunch, I suppose. I know they trained together.

Me: Is the Easter Terrier a chef then?

Nell: No. They trained in martial arts. They’re both black belts.

Me: Never mind that. I want to let people know about our shop.

Nell: The World of Nell?

Me: Yes. If people click on the link they can be the first to know when the shop opens.

Nell: Where is it then?

Me: It’s online, Nell. It’s not a physical shop.

Nell: I meant the link.

Me: Oh yes. https://world-of-nell.myshopify.com/password

Nell: Good.

Me: I’m hoping people will give us feedback and then we can keep adding things they want.

Nell: We aren’t going to add things they don’t want.

Me: You know what I mean. We are open to suggestions.

Nell: Within reason. Don’t start offering cuddles with David. I know what you’re like.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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