Ibble Dibble

Me: Gosh, it’s stormy out there today.

Nell: Would you mind whispering, please? Harriet is still sleeping.

Me: Did the storm keep her awake?

Nell: No. It was Roley Moley.

Me: Roley Moley?

Nell: Yes. And The Cat.

Me: Roley Moley and The Cat?

Nell: You are repeating everything again.

Me: What were they doing?

Nell: Playing Ibble Dibble, if you must know.

Me: Ibble Dibble?

Nell: Are you doing this to annoy me?

Me: That’s a Christmas game.

Nell: No, it isn’t. Ibble Dibble can be played at any time of the year.

Me: But they’ve got fur. You can’t play Ibble Dibble with fur. The mark from the cork won’t work.

Nell: They were playing with sequins.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: Roley Moley is an excellent player.

Me: He would be.

Nell: David is not. He ended up with 14 Ibble Dibbles or Dibble Ibbles. I need to look up the rules again on Poodle.

Me: My poor Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Poppy refused to play. If anyone came near her with a sequin she took out her sword.

Me: She’s not a sequinny kind of animal. I thought Roley Moley was going back to London with Sally.

Nell: The Cat has persuaded him to stay. It’s making him a new suit with a waistcoat and needs him around for fittings.

Me: I’m surprised Roley agreed to that.

Nell: He finds The Cat amusing. They bonded over smoked salmon sandwiches.

Me: I would love one of those. I wonder if Poppy would make some for tea.

Nell: No chance. Poppy is busy dealing with the Cross Hot Buns for Easter.

Me: You mean Hot Cross Buns.

Nell: I do not. The buns are cross because they are hot. Everyone knows that.

Me: Yes. Of course. Sorry.

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