Sunday Football

Me: Look at you springing into action when Kev kicks the ball.

Nell: I’m a Labrador Retriever. It’s what we do.

Me: But you will be 9 in March and you have arthritis.

Nell: Well, thank you very much for reminding me. You’re not the youngest yourself.

Me: I must say I’m feeling a little fragile today.

Nell: Too much cake and champagne. Poppy’s roast will soon sort you out.

Me: Yesterday was a lovely day. I was surrounded by love from near and afar. So many kind messages.

Nell: People care about you.

Me: It really means a lot. Especially at times like these.

Nell: Yes. It’s especially important to let people know you are thinking about them at the moment.

Me: Did I tell you Henry and Horst painted me a picture?

Nell: No. I know they both attend Timothy’s art classes and he says they’re exceptionally keen.

Me: It was on the back of a postage stamp. I’m not sure what it was, but it was very colourful.

Nell: They favour the abstract. I’m very glad Knitwear Wolf provided the Welsh corgi choir with umbrellas this morning. I do worry about them singing in the rain.

Me: But ‘it’s a glorious feeling’. See what I did there?

Nell: Personally, I’m a little tired of the rain.

Me: Princess loves it. She’s out there now with Manuel and Our Penguin clapping away.

Nell: Seals are awfully optimistic creatures, aren’t they?

Me: Yes. Kev saw two seals in the sea a few days ago. Their little heads were bobbing away. I hope they weren’t lost.

Nell: No, you are not bringing them home. We have quite enough to cope with already.

Me: Princess would be delighted.

Nell: Princess is always delighted. We just established that fact.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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