It could stop raining now

Nell: It could stop raining now.

Me: Yes, I agree. It could.

Nell: Even Princess has stopped clapping.

Me: At least it isn’t snowing.

Nell: Not yet.

Me: I think we might have a touch of the Mondays, Nell.

Nell: You are right. This won’t do at all. Ouch. Why did you do that?

Me: Pinch, punch. First of the month. White rabbits. No return.

Nell: I worry about you sometimes.

Me: You can’t pinch me back now.

Nell: I have no intention of pinching anyone, thank you. Where have the white rabbits gone?

Me: There aren’t any. It’s just a saying.

Nell: Are you sure that’s tea you are drinking?

Me: Yes. Peppermint tea actually.

Nell: That explains everything.

Me: I’m partial to peppermint.

Nell: No wonder you’re talking nonsense this morning.

Me: February is the month of love, you know.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Which is odd in a way because it isn’t a romantic time of year. All grey and rainy.

Nell: Romance is particularly welcome in darker times, if you ask me.

Me: Well, it will be socially distanced romance for many this year.

Nell: True. The pandemic has changed our lives.

Me: You can say that again.

Nell: Why would I do that when you heard me the first time?

Me: Never mind.

Nell: Talking of romance, guess who turned up at Malcolm’s nest when he Booked a Beefy?

Me: I hope it wasn’t Squawk.

Nell: No. Squawk is suspended. It was Romeo.

Me: The Beefy who is in love with Susan?

Nell: Yes. Apparently he’s still wearing David’s long black wig, but it’s tied back in a pony tail with a smart ribbon.

Me: Fashion statement?

Nell: No. He doesn’t want hair getting in his eyes when he’s delivering.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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