Malcolm steps up

Nell: You are not going to believe this.

Me: I just might.

Nell: Manuel is stuck up a tree.

Me: But he’s an octopus, Nell.

Nell: I am aware of that.

Me: They don’t climb trees.

Nell: Well, this one does. The last time Poppy saw him he was peeling vegetables for Sunday Roast so goodness only knows what happened.

Nell: How did you find him?

Nell: We decided to pop outside to listen to Sunday Songs. If the Welsh corgi choir can make the effort to sing in this cold weather then we should make the effort to support them.

Me: You are right.

Nell: Anyway, I was just thinking I should have worn my hat and scarf when Poppy shouted, ‘There’s something in that tree.’

Me: Gosh.

Nell: I must confess I was expecting some kind of bird, or even a squirrel. Certainly not an octopus.

Me: How did you get him down?

Nell: We didn’t. He’s still up there.

Me: He can’t stay up there, Nell. It’s really cold. Was he wearing a hat?

Nell: Of course he wasn’t wearing a hat. You don’t think he went up a tree of his own accord do you?

Me: I suppose not. Poor little thing. We have to get him down.

Nell: We will. Gladys is organising a trampoline as we speak.

Me: A trampoline? Now isn’t the time for a performance.

Nell: No. To catch him. Jumping seems the wisest decision. Malcolm is flying up there now to be by his side.

Me: Malcolm?

Nell: Yes. Malcolm is a quiet, polite sort of flamingo and Manuel trusts him.

Me: But Malcolm doesn’t like heights.

Nell: I know but Manuel is his friend. It’s amazing what strength we can find when needed. It will be fine.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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