Me: So this is where you all are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Nell: Be quiet. Kev is telling us a story.

Me: But Poppy is the only one listening. She seems completely enthralled.

Nell: Poppy loves a Saturday story. She likes to do things with her whole self. She doesn’t do multitasking like the puppies and I.

Me: Multitasking? You aren’t listening. You are looking out of the window.

Nell: You don’t have to stare at someone to be listening, you know.

Me: I suppose not.

Nell: Otherwise where would radio stations, or podcasts, or audio books be?

Me: You might have a point there.

Nell: Or that wretched know-it-all Alexa.

Me: I don’t know why you don’t like her.

Nell: I don’t trust her. Eavesdropper. Joining in conversations.

Me: Only when she’s asked.

Nell: She just loves the sound of her own name, if you ask me.

Me: Anyway, why can’t you show some interest in what Kev is saying? He is doing all the actions and waving his arms.

Nell: Kev always waves his arms. Even when he’s going through the shopping list. That’s just the way he is.

Me: True.

Nell: I’m listening while keeping a close eye on the front window.

Me: But the puppies are looking the other way to you.

Nell: Of course they are. They are monitoring the side windows.

Me: What are you all waiting for?

Nell: Snow.

Me: Snow?

Nell: The VET Office has issued a yellow weather warning.

Me: You mean the MET Office.

Nell: I do not. It’s Emily the Vet, not Met.

Me: It’s only a yellow warning, Nell. Not red, or even amber. It just means ‘Be aware’.

Nell: Which is exactly what we are all doing. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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