Book a Beefy

Me: I’m glad we went down to the sea yesterday because it’s ever so stormy today.

Nell: Yes. It was most invigorating.

Me: How you can just run into the sea is beyond me. It’s absolutely freezing.

Nell: If one is chasing a ball then the ball has to be retrieved. We are Labrador Retrievers you know.

Me: It was so lovely to see Dave running free and Harriet was hardly ever out of the water.

Nell: The puppies are Devon dogs. Have you seen my iBone anywhere?

Me: I think it’s in your handbag.

Nell: Would you mind getting it for me? I need to Book a Beefy?

Me: You can’t be serious.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: I thought you said you needed to Book a Beefy?

Nell: I do. My friend Pamela the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is feeling a little under the weather so I thought I would send her some cake.

Me: Cake?

Nell: Yes. Poppy made another Victoria sponge. Why do you keep repeating everything I say?

Me: You can’t Book a Beefy, Nell. They’re Baddies.

Nell: I can do what I like. The Beefies provide a fast and efficient service, according to their advertising, and Pamela needs cake.

Me: I’m shocked.

Nell: Now, all I need to do is download the Book a Beefy App. Harriet showed me how to do it.

Me: Harriet?

Nell: Yes. She needed to see if the beach was busy so she Booked a Beefy to film it.

Me: I can’t believe it.

Nell: There it’s done. Would you mind asking Poppy to pop a piece of cake in a Tupperware for me? And be quick about it. Terry will be here soon.

Me: Who is Terry?

Nell: My designated delivery Beefy. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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