Monday Gliding with Gladys

Me: What are Harriet and Poppy doing? They seem extremely focussed.

Nell: Watching llamas.

Me: In pyjamas?

Nell: And dressing gowns. Do try and be a little realistic.

Me: I wouldn’t have thought a dressing gown would be warm enough in this weather.

Nell: They are Gliding with Gladys.

Me: Is Gladys doing her classes outside?

Nell: Yes. Since lockdown. Our Penguin is filming them. Gladys has quite a following you know.

Me: It’s important to keep active during this difficult time.

Nell: Yes, personally I prefer a walk in the countryside, or on the beach.

Me: Me too. I’m not a glidey sort of person.

Nell: I don’t think there is such a word as glidey, but I know what you mean.

Me: Is that Princess rolling down the hill?

Nell: Let me see.

Me: It looks like a seal from here, but it might be a sheep, I suppose, or a cow.

Nell: Cows don’t roll down hills and neither do sheep. And they’ve got legs.

Me: The rolling might be part of Glide with Gladys.

Nell: It’s definitely Princess and she’s taking a few of the Welsh corgis with her.

Me: Oh my goodness. That’s hilarious. It’s like watching a bowling ball. I hope Our Penguin is filming. This is going to go viral.

Nell: Is that all you care about? Innocent corgis are being swept off their feet by a huge seal and you want it on camera.

Me: They seem fine, Nell. They’re all standing up again.

Nell: Like skittles?

Me: You said it.

Nell: I knew that was what you were thinking.

Me: Well, that’s made my morning.

Nell: Stop laughing and go and tell Poppy to make some hot sweet tea. The corgis are going to need it after that.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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