Sunday Grumpiness

Me: Can I just say that trying to make yourself small doesn’t mean I won’t notice you’ve taken my chair again?

Nell: Could you keep your voice down, please? It’s Sunday morning and some of us are still trying to rest.

Me: But it’s my chair.

Nell: You need to let this selfishness go. Life is for sharing. You are behaving like a Beefy.

Me: Like a Beefy?

Nell: Flying around shouting ‘Mine’ at every available opportunity. It’s most unbecoming, you know.

Me: I give up.

Nell: That’s wise. Go and get yourself a cup of tea and try one of Malcolm’s Sunday pancakes. They are delicious.

Me: Don’t you want to try one?

Nell: I had some earlier, thank you. Now I just want to rest.

Me: In my chair.

Nell: I shall ignore that.

Me: What about Sunday Singing?

Nell: That’s not until later and I may just listen from here. I haven’t decided yet.

Me: I know what you’re doing.

Nell: And what is that exactly?

Me: You are hogging my chair until another one of you arrives and you can swap.

Nell: I think somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Me: That’s because my bed was full of dogs.

Nell: So it’s your bed and your chair now, is it?

Me: Yes, it is, actually.

Nell: That’s it. This Sunday grumpiness has to stop. You’ve been thinking too many thoughts again, haven’t you?

Me: I might have been.

Nell: Been trying to see the bigger picture but lost your way?

Me: Maybe.

Nell: And now you are feeling overwhelmed?

Me: A bit.

Nell: You had better have breakfast in your chair by the fire then.

Me: Is that ok with you?

Nell: You only needed to ask.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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