We all need some fun in our lives

Me: Wasn’t it beautiful down on the beach yesterday?

Nell: It was glorious. Just what we all needed.

Me: Yes. Hardly any people around and so peaceful.

Nell: Apart from that persistent little puppy who kept asking his brother to play.

Me: Yes, the darling pup was so excited.

Nell: Shouting ‘Play! Play!’ over and over again at a senior dog isn’t going work. Trust me.

Me: There’s nothing like that salty tingling on your face after a beach walk, is there?

Nell: Here we go.

Me: It’s so invigorating. It makes me want to burst into song.

Nell: Good grief. Please don’t. I have quite enough to cope with since Manuel discovered the Gipsy Kings and everyone started dancing flamenco.

Me: I love the Gipsy Kings.

Nell: Nobody wants to listen to ‘Bamboleo’ all the time.

Me: Apart from Gladys and the llamas.

Nell: Any excuse to break into dance.

Me: And Alejandro and the larger animals.

Nell: They’re easily led astray.

Me: Not to mention most of the corgi choir.

Nell: What are they doing here? It’s Saturday, not Sunday.

Me: And we mustn’t forget the Whippets Institute.

Nell: I couldn’t believe it when I saw their minibus arrive.

Me: We all need some fun in our lives, Nell. Even Malcolm is kicking up his heels in the kitchen.

Nell: He’s cooking paella.

Me: How wonderful.

Nell: John the Doberman is awfully light on his feet for such a large animal.

Me: He makes an excellent bull.

Nell: I could do without the Beefies shouting ‘Olé‘ every few minutes.

Me: They adore Poppy. That costume could have been made for her.

Nell: It was. We don’t have matador costumes lying around in her size, you know. The Cat spent hours sewing on those sequins.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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