A Touch of the Mondays

Me: What’s the matter with you two girls?

Nell: Naughty Nigel took our ball.

Me: There are plenty to go around and Nigel is visiting.

Nell: There are only two new ones and Nigel and Boo took them both.

Me: You should be more welcoming. They are your cousins and Seamus is poorly.

Nell: I worry about his heart.

Me: We all do and it is bound to bring back memories of Charlie.

Nell: Yes. I’m having a touch of the Mondays, if I’m honest. I just can’t seem to lift my spirits.

Me: Oh dear. Do you think a cup of Earl Grey might help?

Nell: Possibly. Is there any shortbread?

Me: I expect so. I know Poppy made a new batch.

Nell: Would you care to join me?

Me: I would love to. I think Knitwear Wolf delivered the newspapers so I could read to you, if you like?

Nell: I suppose you could check the Daily Growl, but no articles about restrictions and the pandemic, please.

Me: The ‘Ask Dave’ column has got loads of questions.

Nell: Ask David what?

Me: Anything. I must say his answers are definitely improving.

Nell: You mean the answer isn’t only bacon?

Me: Yes. There’s a poodle here worried about not being able to get to the hairdressers.

Nell: Good grief. What did David say?

Me: ‘Embrace your curly locks and enjoy the comfort longer hair can give you on a chilly day.’

Nell: David never said that.

Me: It doesn’t sound very Dave, does it?

Nell: Embrace your curly locks?

Me: I’m not sure Dave wrote it.

Nell: The Cat is behind this. Mark my paws.

Me: I’m going to the hairdressers this week. Maybe I should embrace my curly locks?

Nell: You are not a poodle.

Me: No. Sorry.

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