Waking up to bacon

Me: It feels like we’ve had more than one Sunday this week.

Nell: That’s because New Year’s Day was on a Friday.

Me: I seem to have lost track of the days recently. Maybe I’m getting old.

Nell: That’s just the January blues talking. You do this every year.

Me: You’re right. I might just go and cuddle Dave. Where is he?

Nell: David is still asleep. He was up late watching ‘Notting Hill’ with the larger animals.

Me: I haven’t watched that film in years.

Nell: David loves a romantic comedy.

Me: It’s a bit like Dave and Sally. Dave is floppy haired Hugh Grant and Sally is film star Julia Roberts.

Nell: David does not have floppy hair and Sally is a spy not a film star. Do try and be a little realistic.

Me: I hope she comes and visits us again soon.

Nell: She’s stuck in London. You know travelling isn’t really possible at the moment because of the pandemic.

Me: What a strange world we live in.

Nell: If you’re going to mope around you can start peeling the vegetables for Sunday lunch.

Me: Somebody told me that you can roast vegetables skins on.

Nell: Well, that somebody wasn’t Poppy.

Me: Can I smell bacon?

Nell: Of course you can. It’s Sunday. You can’t have Sunday without bacon.

Me: Dave isn’t going to be asleep much longer.

Nell: What are those llamas doing?

Me: It looks like line dancing.

Nell: Oh yes. The Welsh corgi choir are going country for Sunday Songs this morning.

Me: That explains the cowboy hats then.

Nell: Why aren’t you wearing yours?

Me: I didn’t know I had one.

Nell: We all have one. You can’t start a new year without a cowboy hat. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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