Me: I’m impressed with Harriet.

Nell: Why? Because she started barking from 7am again this morning?

Me: I wish she wouldn’t do that. No. When Tony arrives you all rush to the gate.

Nell: Of course we do. It’s Tony.

Me: Yes. But sometimes Poppy is busy in the kitchen so Harriet dashes back to get her.

Nell: Yes, Harriet likes us all to greet Tony. She wants us to share in the joy of his visit before David monopolises him.

Me: Yes. It’s kind of her.

Nell: We Labradors are devoted to the concept of Sharing, you know.

Me: I’m not sure about that, Nell. You can be rather territorial about a bone.

Nell: Why do you think we watch you when you eat?

Me: Because you’re greedy?

Nell: Greedy? How can you say such a thing? We’re merely showing our interest and we know food is there to be shared.

Me: Not my food.

Nell: Who is greedy now?

Me: You never let me eat in peace.

Nell: Do we howl at you?

Me: No.

Nell: Or bark in a rude, demanding way?

Me: Like Poppy, you mean?

Nell: Poppy can be a little too forceful.

Me: You all just gaze at me.

Nell: With love.

Me: For my food. Not me.

Nell: Nonsense. How many times have I heard you say that people show their love for each other through food?

Me: True. It’s one of the things I miss most. There’s nothing like a family meal, or dinner with friends. Thanksgiving is an example.

Nell: My point exactly. Food is meant to be shared. Not greedily scoffed with no thought for others.

Me: I don’t scoff, thank you very much.

Nell: You have your moments. Just appreciate our involvement. Remember Sharing is Caring.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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