Thanksgiving 2020

Nell: What on earth is all that noise?

Me: Well, the thing is, Nell.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: It’s Thanksgiving in the United States today.

Nell: Yes, I’m aware of that and I would like to wish all our dear friends from across the pond a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Me: Yes, although one of them is actually here.

Nell: Are we talking about the pug in a hat?

Me: Yes. Babycakes Gillespie.

Nell: So what is the thing, because there’s an awful lot of kerfuffle going on for a Thursday morning?

Me: Dave, Harriet, Gladys, The Cat and I thought we might celebrate with him because he’s so far from home.

Nell: So you formed a Thanksgiving committee?

Me: I wouldn’t call it a committee as such.

Nell: Is anyone else involved?

Me: Well, Poppy and Malcolm are preparing all the food with Manuel and Benjamin Seagull.

Nell: And Henry and Horst?

Me: They’ve been helping Knitwear Wolf and The Cat distribute Thanksgiving cardigans.

Nell: How are they doing that?

Me: On the back of the larger animals.

Nell: And Princess?

Me: She’s performing later with Gladys and the llamas. Dave has been persuaded to sing.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Our Penguin is filming it all.

Nell: All we are missing now is the Welsh corgi choir and the Whippets Institute.

Me: Don’t worry. They should be here soon. The minibus got stuck in traffic.

Nell: Why exactly was I not consulted?

Me: We thought you and Kev might be too busy with the surprise.

Nell: I’m never too busy to give thanks with friends and family. This year has been a dreadful one, but we still have each other and for that I am very grateful.

Me: Yes.

Nell: So, where’s my hat?

Me: I’ll get it. Sorry.

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