Wednesday Secrets

Me: There’s nothing like resting in front of a warming fire on a grey day.

Nell: Yes. It’s most enjoyable. Especially after being lasered and made to walk miles in a box full of water.

Me: You know the hydrotherapy is helping.

Nell: It’s exhausting.

Me: Dave and Poppy looked absolutely exhausted last night.

Nell: Yes, well that’s because Poppy had to be evil all day and David had to be bold and optimistic.

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: I think he’s finding the surfboard a little cumbersome.

Me: Does he have to carry it everywhere?

Nell: He’s playing a handsome lifeguard.

Me: Yes. I know but isn’t his lifeguard jacket enough?

Nell: No. He needs to immerse himself.

Me: He nearly knocked Malcolm out with it just now.

Nell: Yes, but he didn’t.

Me: When Gladys roared ‘Behind you!’ and Malcolm ducked it was ever so funny. I think you should keep it in the pantomime.

Nell: Rupert said the same.

Me: It’s the first time I’ve seen Babycakes Gillespie laugh in ages.

Nell: He’s not supposed to laugh. He’s Weary Woof.

Me: Even tired people laugh now and again, Nell.

Nell: True. Why are you dressed already?

Me: I’ve got a Wednesday Writers Workshop.

Nell: Tracksuit bottoms are not appropriate wear.

Me: Nobody can see my lower half, Nell. I’m wearing a smart top. Anyway, they are all writers. They don’t mind.

Nell: In my experience writers tend to notice much more than people think.

Me: I suppose we do.

Nell: And then you write about it.

Me: Not always. I can keep a secret.

Nell: You had better.

Me: I can’t wait to tell everyone, though.

Nell: Not yet.

Me: No. I know. It’s just so exciting.

Nell: That’s quite enough.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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