Sunday Morning Antics

Me: What are Dave and Harriet looking at?

Nell: Have you looked outside today?

Me: No. I’ve been writing and listening to Sunday songs. The Welsh corgi choir are in fine voice today, although ‘My American Boy’ is a rather unusual choice.

Nell: Just look out of the window. I can’t bear to again.

Me: Oh my goodness. The Beefies are carrying a huge banner across the sky. It says ‘Marry Me.’

Nell: I know.

Me: I presume it’s for Poppy.

Nell: Of course, it is.

Me: It’s not like John to make such an extravagant gesture. He’s more of a ‘bended knee on a quiet walk’ kind of Doberman.

Nell: That’s because it isn’t John. It’s that wretched Babycakes Gillespie. And if you ask me, he’s chosen Sunday Songs too.

Me: Gosh. Do you think Poppy is going to be impressed?

Nell: She’s busy preparing the Sunday roast so I’m certainly not going to tell her.

Me: I agree. We haven’t had roast beef in ages. I love Poppy’s Yorkshire puddings.

Nell: That’s not the reason. It’s best Poppy doesn’t know.

Me: Too late, Nell. Poppy has come outside.

Nell: What is she doing?

Me: She has her sword.

Nell: Excellent.

Me: Why?

Nell: It shows defiance.

Me: I can hear a plane. Could it be the Royal Owl Force?

Nell: No. Owl Pacino is away on manoeuvres.

Me: Someone is jumping out of the plane. Thank goodness the parachute has opened.

Nell: This is ridiculous. My Sunday morning is being turned into an air show.

Me: It’s Babycakes Gillespie with a rose in his teeth.

Nell: How do you know?

Me: It’s being filmed and projected onto the big screen.

Nell: What big screen?

Me: The one behind the Welsh corgi choir. I forgot to mention it. Sorry.

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