Tony offers his help

Me: Dave can’t stop smiling.

Nell: I know. Sally is here and Tony is finally back from his holiday.

Me: Yes. All’s well with the world.

Nell: Now, that is a silly thing to say.

Me: Yes, isn’t it?

Nell: I noticed Poppy looking a little warily at Babycakes Gillespie, however, so she may be starting to lose those mud splattered spectacles.

Me: You mean rose tinted. You see everything in a better light.

Nell: I mean mud splattered. You don’t see anything at all.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: No, you don’t. Anyway, Tony has offered us his help.

Me: What can he do?

Nell: Sometimes the offer of help is as reassuring as the help itself.

Me: True.

Nell: So, I happen to know that John will be walking through the fields this afternoon with Knitwear Wolf in a very attractive conker brown cardigan.

Me: Knitwear Wolf always looks smart.

Nell: No, John is wearing the conker brown cardigan. Rupert is in a forest green one.

Me: Oh, well that’s good to know. Although I’m not sure why.

Nell: I will be at my hydrotherapy session so you have been trusted to take my place.

Me: Gosh. How exciting.

Nell: You need to make sure Poppy is outside with you.

Me: How?

Nell: Sit on your lounger and write. You know Poppy likes to join you.

Me: But it’s quite chilly.

Nell: Get a blanket. When you see John, give the signal, and Sally and Harriet will nonchalantly wander to the gate and comment on John’s attractive appearance.

Me: Why?

Nell: So Poppy sees him in a new light.

Me: What’s the signal? A cough, or a sneeze?

Nell: Not in these Covid times. You’ll have everybody running for the hills. Just say ‘Lovely view.’

Me: Ok. Sorry.

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