Poppy needs to make a choice

Me: Well, that was a rather intense Sunday lunch yesterday.

Nell: Yes. I told Poppy not to invite Babycakes Gillespie but she wouldn’t listen.

Me: Did you see them both reach for the cranberry sauce at the same time? My heart stopped.

Nell: Would you mind calming down for a moment, please? Nothing actually happened.

Me: You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, though, Nell. John seething away on one side of the table and Babycakes showing off on the other.

Nell: I have to say I missed Mutley. He would have just carried on chatting to them both.

Me: Yes. Mutley was always good in tense situations. Knitwear Wolf did his best, though.

Nell: Yes, Rupert made a brave attempt to discuss bagpipes with John.

Me: Does John like bagpipes?

Nell: Nobody does, but it was worth a try. We were all feeling a little desperate by then.

Me: I’m not sure Gladys should have performed the Highland Fling.

Nell: No, and certainly not on the table. She put her paws in the mashed potato.

Me: Oh dear. Poppy is going to have to make a decision. She can’t string them both along.

Nell: Yes. I agree. I’m afraid there were some serious words spoken at Morning Thoughts.

Me: I noticed Poppy was looking a little fierce outside on the terrace. Harriet was trying to reason with her.

Nell: Poppy is enjoying all the attention but John is not going to put up with this for much longer.

Me: I’ll definitely miss the fresh bagels.

Nell: How can you be thinking of food at a time like this? And anyway, how do we know she is going to choose John? Poppy has a wild streak, so Babycakes Gillespie might be in with a chance.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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