An American breakfast

Me: Look at you, you beautiful dog. Blessed with your own rainbow.

Nell: It’s just the sun casting light on my fur, but thank you for the compliment.

Me: You are beautiful, Nell. Inside and out.

Nell: What do you want?

Me: Nothing.

Nell: Are you hungry?

Me: Definitely not.

Nell: Only you can get all flowery and emotional when you haven’t eaten.

Me: I had a rather large American breakfast, to be honest.

Nell: An American breakfast?

Me: Yes. Pancakes and maple syrup from Monty the moose.

Nell: Monty is a Canadian moose and a member of the Mounties. Don’t call him American.

Me: I didn’t. There was lots of bacon and all kinds of eggs with Huevos rancheros for the more adventurous.

Nell: I’m not a fan of tortillas in the morning but I expect Alejandro was delighted.

Me: Yes, and so was Knitwear Wolf. He loves Mexican food.

Nell: I thought you said it was an American breakfast.

Me: Yes, but Babycakes explained that Huevos rancheros are extremely popular in the United States and the llamas begged Poppy to cook them, so she did.

Nell: What were the llamas doing there?

Me: They always have breakfast with us at the weekend, Nell.

Nell: Well, toast and marmalade is fine with me.

Me: That’s a relief because Dave ate yours by mistake.

Nell: I knew you were up to something with all those compliments.

Me: Everyone thought I should be the one to tell you.

Nell: It’s fine. I’ll just enjoy my toast and marmalade alone with a small cup of Earl Grey.

Me: Kev’s made a fire and Saturday Kitchen is on the television. The llamas are asleep on the sofa but your comfy chair is free.

Nell: Llamas on the sofa? Whatever next?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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