Jonathan Sky is Four Today

Me: I can’t believe Jonathan is four today.

Nell: Yes, it seems only yesterday that he was three.

Me: You’re on form today. Do you know that was the last time we went on the big beach?

Nell: I know, but we will be going back there in October when dogs are allowed again.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I have written him a poem. Would you like to hear it?

Me: Yes, please.

Nell: ‘Why are you dancing

With a balloon in your paw?

It’s somebody’s birthday

Of that I am sure.

It’s somebody special

But who can it be?

Shall we start guessing

While we drink our tea?

A cake shaped like a rocket?

That gives me a clue

That someone likes rockets

The question is who.

It’s a someone who knows

An awful lot about space

And planets and stars

And rockets that race.

If I shut my eyes tightly

And fluff out my hair

I can see who it is

As if I was there.

He’s surrounded by presents

All over the floor

It’s Jonathan Sky

And he’s turning Four.

His Mummy and Papa

And little sister Faye

Are all clapping their hands

At this wonderful day.

Granny and Nell

And Grandpa and Dave

And Poppy and Harriet

Are giving a wave.

They want you to know

They love you so much

All the way to the moon

And the planets and such.

Now, Two is quite lovely

And Three is nice, too

But nothing beats Four

So Happy Birthday to you.’

Me: That’s perfect, Nell.

Nell: Just like Jonathan.

Me: Yes. And little Faye.

Nell: Just like them all.

Me: Yes. I miss them so much.

Nell: Today is about celebrating Jonathan Sky and the joy of being four. So no tears.

Me: Yes, it is. Sorry.

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