Special Time

Me: My goodness that looks so beautiful, Nell.

Nell: Yes. Kev and I had one of our Special Times.

Me: Yes. I know you two do that now and again.

Nell: We do. It was particularly delightful because it was unexpected.

Me: I know what you mean.

Nell: He took me to hydrotherapy.

Me: Chloe says you are doing really well. I can see the difference in you.

Nell: Yes. I feel more comfortable in myself.

Me: I’m so glad.

Nell: After my therapy I was expecting to go home but instead he drove down to the river and we both paddled in the water.

Me: It is so lovely there.

Nell: Yes. We were able to spend some quiet, quality time together.

Me: Shooting the breeze.

Nell: Nobody shot anyone, thank you very much.

Me: It’s just a saying.

Nell: We’ve got quite enough on our plates with this gangster dinner.

Me: Did Malcolm catch any fish, by the way?

Nell: A few I think, but he always puts them back.

Me: Did you hear about the 8 foot tuna? It was on the local news. Some paddle boarders came across it when they were out paddling.

Nell: Yes. Her name is Tuppence. She’s over here on holiday.

Me: Tuppence? That’s an odd name for a tuna.

Nell: Why? What name do you think a tuna should have?

Me: I don’t know.

Nell: Well, then. Anyway, she was probably looking for Knitwear Wolf. She likes to join him when he’s out on his paddle board.

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes, between us I think Princess is a little jealous. Anyway, where was I?

Me: You were talking about your Special Time alone with Kev.

Nell: Be happy that we were happy. You’re behaving like Princess.

Me: Yes. You’re right. Sorry.

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