Oh Harriet

Me: What was wrong with Harriet last night?

Nell: I don’t know.

Me: Getting me up at 3:30am and then Kev at 6am with her barking.

Nell: She’s outside now listening to Sunday Songs with Poppy.

Me: Good.

Nell: She knows you’re not happy.

Me: I’m just a bit tired.

Nell: Malcolm is feeling a little out of sorts today too, so Harriet is going to help Poppy prepare the vegetables for today’s roast beef.

Me: Will Dave be helping?

Nell: David is not to be trusted. Remember the Yorkshire pudding incident?

Me: They are very moreish.

Nell: A whole tray cannot be a mistake.

Me: I suppose not. Anyway, how did the dinner with Babycakes Gillespie go?

Nell: It didn’t start well. Alejandro was tired when they got to Plymouth and refused to wait outside.

Me: Fair enough.

Nell: So Malcolm had to ask Babycakes if his alpaca could join them.

Me: And could he?

Nell: Yes, but he snored his way through dinner which didn’t help the ambience.

Me: Was the food good?

Nell: It was all rather rich and served on gold plates. Malcolm prefers a leaner cuisine.

Me: What about Gladys’s contemporary dance?

Nell: Fortunately Alejandro woke up so he played his maracas.

Me: That’s a relief.

Nell: Yes. Babycakes was a little taken aback when she jumped on the table.

Me: Understandably.

Nell: We’re used to it by now, of course, but it is a little disconcerting the first time it happens.

Me: Do you think they’ll be invited back?

Nell: Let’s see how the dinner here goes first.

Me: Here?

Nell: Yes. Malcolm felt obliged to return the invitation.

Me: He’s not coming to Sunday roast today, is he?

Nell: Certainly not. Sunday roast is family time. You know that.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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