Sunday meditation

Me: Why is Dave closing one eye?

Nell: He’s supposed to be meditating but he’s finding it a struggle.

Me: Well, he’s not really a meditating type of animal is he?

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: He’s got too much bounce in him.

Nell: Harriet can do it and she can be very lively when she wants to be.

Me: Yes, but Harriet is a spy. She can be lots of things. My Big Brave Beautiful Boy is always himself.

Nell: Is that a corgi without a hat?

Me: Where?

Nell: On the hill.

Me: You’ve got good eyesight. They all seem to be wearing hats as far as I can see.

Nell: On the right next to the Llama brothers.

Me: Oh yes. She’s wearing a rather pretty bow. It looks sweet. Won’t that do?

Nell: A bow won’t protect you from a flying mackerel, or the sun.

Me: That’s true.

Nell: At least the Llama brothers are wearing sombreros.

Me: Yes. Strangely enough they go with their pyjamas.

Nell: Those are gondolier outfits.

Me: I didn’t realise. Anyway, it’s nice to see them joining in Sunday Songs, although it’s actually supposed to be more about singing than dancing.

Nell: Llamas don’t sing.

Me: Alejandro does.

Nell: Alejandro is from Ecuador and he’s an alpaca.

Me: Does that make a difference?

Nell: Of course it does.

Me: The Llama brothers are from Italy. They shouldn’t really be wearing sombreros.

Nell: One of the cows ate their gondolier hats and The Cat had a few sombreros to spare.

Me: Fair enough. Are the corgis singing ‘Fly, baby, fly’ by Silver Convention?

Nell: Yes, in honour of Benjamin’s mission to save David.

Me: Look at the llamas doing those 1970’s moves.

Nell: I’d rather not, thank you.

Me: Sorry.

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