Give Sidney a call

Me: Do you have a moment?

Nell: It depends. If Zsa Zsa The Paw wants me to look at another sequinned cardigan then I’m not available.

Me: She isn’t here yet.

Nell: Why Rupert can’t just zoom with her I do not know.

Me: Knitwear Wolf prefers face to face meetings. He’s not one of those techie wolves.

Nell: Why do they need my input anyway? The Cat will be there and Gladys.

Me: Yes, but they’re both a bit sparkly. I think Knitwear Wolf wants your sensible opinion.

Nell: I suppose I am more classic in my tastes. Do you know Valerie suggested I drink nettle tea? Nettle tea? Unbelievable.

Me: It’s ever so good for you, Nell and it doesn’t sting.

Nell: Earl Grey is fine with me thank you very much. What’s the matter with you? Monday blues?

Me: I’m having a crisis of confidence.

Nell: Good grief. Go and join the queue outside David’s consulting room then.

Me: I didn’t know Dave had a consulting room.

Nell: It’s Kev’s garage. He’s lending it to David as a temporary solution.

Me: I’d rather talk to you, Nell.

Nell: Well, what is it?

Me: I’ve got two interviews next month with BBC Radio Devon and Cambridge 105 about the book. What if I run out of words?

Nell: That’s never going to happen. You did that interview with the nice American lady.

Me: Yes. Donna Seebo. She loved the book.

Nell: Of course she did. I thought you were posting a link to the interview on our page.

Me: Yes. I just need to work out how to do it.

Nell: Give Sidney a call. He’ll know.

Me: Sidney the spider? Does he know about interviews?

Nell: No. He’s a web designer. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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