Dave gives advice

Me: Dave looks awfully handsome in his glasses.

Nell: They aren’t his glasses. They’re mine and I need them.

Me: Would you read me the article in Daily Growl please?

Nell: ‘Agony Uncle Dave Martin has moved from entertainment into the counselling and caring field after his successful treatment of a group of traumatised llamas.’

Me: That’s a slight exaggeration. They just wanted to choose their sweets together.

Nell: ‘Leonardo Llama said, ‘I don’t know how we would have coped without the kind and caring advice Dave gave us.’

Me: I didn’t know he was called Leonardo.

Nell: We usually call him Lenny. May I continue?

Me: Yes. Please do.

Nell: ‘I know my brothers Lorenzo and Luciano will want to join me in wishing Dave all the best in his new career.’

Me: Are the llamas Italian?

Nell: Don’t start.

Me: No, I’m only asking because of their unusual names.

Nell: Of course they’re Italian. Everyone knows that.

Me: Really? I mean I know they enjoy pizza and pasta, but don’t we all?

Nell: I despair of you sometimes I really do. They are always talking about their time as gondoliers in Venice.

Me: I thought it was just a holiday job.

Nell: Never mind. Shall I go on?

Me: Yes. I can’t wait.

Nell: ‘I’ve always been a caring sort of animal,’ Dave told us. ‘Having made a few mistakes myself in the past I feel now is the time to give others the benefit of my experience.’

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: He should have stopped there.

Me: Why, what else did he say?

Nell: ‘But if there’s one piece of advice I can give your readers,’ Dave continued. ‘It’s that a bacon sandwich usually helps.’

Me: Well, it does, Nell. He’s right. Sorry.

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