The world has gone mad

Me: What are you all doing up here in Kev’s studio?

Nell: Trying to get some rest.

Me: But it’s 4th July and Zsa Zsa The Paw has arrived. She’s wearing her tiara.

Nell: Again? This is starting to feel like Groundhog Day.

Me: Malcolm is preparing a special brunch with pancakes and bacon.

Nell: I haven’t got over yesterday’s tea yet.

Me: Wasn’t it fun?

Nell: Is ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ really the right song for afternoon tea? I don’t think so.

Me: I haven’t seen Knitwear Wolf laugh that much since Myfanwy left.

Nell: I noticed.

Me: He doesn’t even mind being called ‘Darlink Voolfy.’

Nell: Well, I mind being called ‘Nelly.’ My name is Nell, or Eleanor Martin.

Me: Zsa Zsa is just being friendly.

Nell: Look at David. He can’t even get out of bed. Can I hear the Welsh corgi choir?

Me: Yes, they’ve all turned up in their dear little velvet hats. Apparently the traffic was awful.

Nell: They’ve only come from down the road.

Me: I know but all the tourists are arriving in their caravans and they’re blocking the roads.

Nell: Well, I’m staying up here. I’ll have my pancakes on a tray please, with a pot of Earl Grey and a few slices of bacon on the side.

Me: But what about Gladys and the cheerleaders? You don’t want to miss them.

Nell: Cheerleaders? Good grief. Don’t tell me the Welsh corgi choir are going to be twirling batons?

Me: Of course not. The Whippets Institute have been training for days. I never knew whippets could do cartwheels.

Nell: The world has gone mad.

Me: I won’t argue with that.

Nell: We’ll be trending on YouChewed before the day is over. Mark my paws.

Me: We already are. Sorry.

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