Bees and Parmesan cheese

Nell: Those bees have to go. One minute you’re having a pleasant nap in the front garden and the next a black cloud flies in and you’re surrounded by bees.

Me: They are quiet now, Nell.

Nell: They can’t just swarm in and gather in a huge pile in the small birds’ tree.

Me: It’s not our tree. It’s the farmer’s tree.

Nell: It’s the small birds’ tree. They live in there. You can’t just invade someone’s home in your thousands.

Me: We certainly get our fair share of visitors.

Nell: I’m not talking about the llamas. They are just having a sleepover at The Barn with the larger animals.

Me: Are they?

Nell: Yes. It’s Book Club on a Monday and it often goes on until late so Monty suggested they stay over. Anyway, where was I?

Me: What book are they reading?

Nell: Ours of course. Although, goodness only knows where they got a copy. They’re like gold dust at the moment.

Me: Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. I heard from Gazelle and the books have arrived in the UK.

Nell: Excellent.

Me: They have to be unpacked but they are hoping to get them out to people by the end of the week.

Nell: I am extremely relieved to hear that. Our UK readers have been so patient.

Me: Our US readers have been amazing too. 41 reviews. I think we can get it to 50.

Nell: I”m sure the UK will manage that too.

Me: We have the best followers. I was in tears reading the lovely things they said.

Nell: We’ve no time for tears.

Me: What’s that in your fur by the way?

Nell: Parmesan cheese, of course. I was making a lasagne with Poppy earlier. Why?

Me: No reason. Sorry.

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