Operation Hunter

Me: Why are the puppies pretending to be asleep?

Nell: They are on Listening Duty. Stop distracting them.

Me: Harriet is ever so good at it, isn’t she?

Nell: Yes. David tends to really fall asleep and wakes with a start.

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He’s far too transparent to be a spy.

Nell: Well, he’s going to have to learn. He’s needed for Operation Hunter.

Me: Operation Hunter?

Nell: Yes. Joyce has put a team together.

Me: How did she choose?

Nell: Everyone was asked to reveal their Strengths and Weaknesses at Morning Thoughts.

Me: Dave can’t help eating things by mistake.

Nell: We are aware of David’s weaknesses. It was Henry’s strengths that surprised us all.

Me: Henry’s?

Nell: Yes. Apparently he speaks Welsh.

Me: Has The Hunter turned him?

Nell: No. He spent his formative years in Aberystwyth where Welsh was spoken.

Me: Formative years? Woodlice don’t live that long.

Nell: You know what I mean. Anyway, Henry is prepared to go undercover.

Me: Good for him.

Nell: Now, we know another zoom meeting is planned for this afternoon so Henry is going to sit in on it.

Me: But they all have screens, don’t they? So they can see who’s joining in?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Well, they won’t see Henry’s face on the screen. He’s far too small. He’ll never get a word in edgeways.

Nell: Henry isn’t logging in. He’ll be behind Sidney. Listening.

Me: That’s a terrible idea. Sidney’s already caught Henry in his web once.

Nell: Henry will be safe on David’s ear. David is going to pretend to be asleep.

Me: But Dave’s awful at pretending. It should be Harriet.

Nell: David is the only one able to hear what Henry says. Let him do this.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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