Book Release Day

Me: I saw that look you gave Kev. It was your ‘Give me strength’ look.

Nell: You should have put your glasses on from the beginning. You know you can’t read to us without them.

Me: I saw Kev was taking a photo.

Nell: It wasn’t a fashion shoot. Pretending to read, while seeing nothing. Honestly.

Me: The puppies enjoyed it but Poppy fell asleep.

Nell: She’s been up early baking bread and getting the cake in the oven so Malcolm can ice it later.

Me: What cake?

Nell: It’s book release day. There has to be cake.

Me: How wonderful. And scones, too?

Nell: There are always scones. The Whippets Institute are bringing the sandwiches. Crusts off, of course.

Me: But they can’t come in.

Nell: No. It was going to be a picnic but the weather is dreadful so the larger beasts have offered them the barn.

Me: How are they getting here? They aren’t allowed to use their minibus, are they?

Nell: No. The nimbler ones run and the other whippets cycle. The Welsh corgi choir are doing the same.

Me: Corgis riding on bicycles? Isn’t that a bit dangerous?

Nell: How do you think they all got here for Mutley’s memorial on Sunday?

Me: I hope nobody was hurt.

Nell: There were a few tumbles. Fortunately the roads are still fairly quiet and corgis bounce.

Me: I’m not sure they do, Nell.

Nell: I’m so glad that Mutley and Charlie will live on in the book.

Me: So am I. I hope they arrive soon.

Nell: Covid 19 is causing chaos everywhere but they are definitely on their way.

Me: Everyone has been so patient.

Nell: It is what it is. Let’s just celebrate the fact that the book is finally officially released.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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