Nell has an admirer

Me: Now, who is that handsome senior labrador?

Nell: It is Boone from Vancouver, Canada, as you well know. He is also in the running for Handsome Hound.

Me: Isn’t he an admirer of yours, Nell?

Nell: We have exchanged the occasional email over the years but have never actually met.

Me: How romantic.

Nell: Stop right now. I know what you are like.

Me: It’s still nice to be admired from afar though, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes, Boone is a delightful fellow. He has that relaxed Canadian charm.

Me: Does he now?

Nell: Enough. We have other matters to deal with this morning.

Me: I think I’m too tired to ‘Glide with Gladys’, walking up that hill yesterday finished me off.

Nell: Stop complaining. Captain Tom will be 100 at the end of this month and he walks every day.

Me: He’s raised £12 million now for the NHS. Isn’t that amazing?

Nell: It is perfectly wonderful in every way. Did we donate?

Me: Of course, on his JustGiving page.

Nell: Good. Now, we need to do something about Princess.

Me: Why? We all love having her here.

Nell: She is monopolising Malcolm’s paddling pool and you know he likes to cool his feet.

Me: Everyone uses it, Nell. The larger animals drink out of it.

Nell: Well, they shouldn’t. Anyway, I spoke to Knitwear Wolf and he is going to drive her down to the sea.

Me: Is it an essential journey?

Nell: Of course it is. Seals need to swim in the sea. Our Penguin is going too.

Me: I wish I could go.

Nell: Don’t start. Myfanwy has been complaining about it already.

Me: But Princess can’t ride on his motorbike. She’ll fall off.

Nell: She’s going in the sidecar. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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