The Real You

Me: That was some powerful singing this morning, Nell.

Nell: Thank you.

Me: And so early, too.

Nell: Yes, the sun was shining and the Farm Dogs were in the fields so I thought it would be a good idea to start the day with a song.

Me: Did everyone else agree?

Nell: No. In fact the response was rather disappointing.

Me: Not everyone feels like singing ‘Morning has broken’ before breakfast.

Nell: Singing is good for the lungs and spirits. I don’t want you all turning into a bunch of sluggabeds.

Me: There is no chance of that with you and Gladys around.

Nell: Exactly. Now Poppy has made pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup.

Me: Delicious.

Nell: David and Gladys were flipping them until David ate three by mistake and Gladys had to get ready for her dance class.

Me: Why aren’t you wearing Lycra?

Nell: Lycra is not for me. And having looked around this morning, I think I made the right decision. Have you seen the Welsh corgi choir?

Me: It’s not the most flattering look, is it?

Nell: Let’s just say Lycra is a little unforgiving. We can’t all be whippets.

Me: I love their leg warmers. So colourful.

Nell: But why are they wearing curly wigs?

Me: The Cat says it’s the Flashdance Look.

Nell: Well, you are never going to see me in one.

Me: Talking of wigs, Nell, my hair is growing awfully grey.

Nell: Of course it is. You’re getting older. It’s a badge of honour. I myself am proud of my grey muzzle.

Me: It suits you but I’m not sure grey hair suits me.

Nell: Wear it with pride. It is the real you. And the real us is something we should all be proud of.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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