Now is the time for kindness

Nell: It was very kind of Tony to come and offer his condolences even though we had no post.

Me: Tony loved Charlie.

Nell: Yes, I am extremely touched by everyone’s kindness. It is a great comfort.

Me: Yes. Sheila said the same. It really does help to know people are thinking of you, doesn’t it?

Nell: Yes. I woke this morning to find myself surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes.

Me: I know. They all want to be near you.

Nell: Even Little Frankie is still here.

Me: The young couple agreed to let him stay a little longer. He doesn’t want to leave.

Nell: Bless him. Is that the Whippets Institute minibus outside?

Me: Yes. They’ve brought us some cakes and casseroles.

Nell: How thoughtful.

Me: Poppy says it’s completely unnecessary as she has everything under control, but the larger animals are delighted.

Nell: I’m sure they are.

Me: Dave is in charge of food distribution which is a dangerous choice in my opinion.

Nell: David will make sure everyone is fed and if mistakes are made we shall ignore them.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Now is the time for kindness.

Me: It certainly is. Talking of kindness Knitwear Wolf was here earlier with blankets and bacon.

Nell: Charlie loved a bacon sandwich in front of the fire with Mutley. Do you remember how they would chat away together putting the world to rights?

Me: I do. Mutley is keeping himself busy comforting the younger ones with his stories.

Nell: Did I see Sally arrive?

Me: Yes. She didn’t want to disturb you. She is with Harriet. I think something is going on.

Nell: Yes. Charlie was worried about something.

Me: Wasn’t it to do with Joyce?

Nell: Honestly, stop this obsession with Joyce.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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