An amazing day

Me: Don’t you all look smart?

Nell: I thought Harriet’s hat was a little attention seeking until I saw what Gladys was wearing.

Me: Not everyone can wear a bowl of fruit on their heads.

Nell: Half eaten fruit. The large animals snacked on it during the journey.

Me: How was the first afternoon tea?

Nell: A little worrying at first. David was sitting next to The Queen as a guest of honour but he overdid it as usual.

Me: He didn’t climb on to her lap, did he?

Nell: Not quite, but they were very close and he ate her scone by mistake. He said it was nerves.

Me: It can happen.

Nell: I rather think she thought David was a horse, as she kept stroking his nose and feeding him sandwiches.

Me: I bet he loved that.

Nell: He did. Talking of horses, she and Mutley had a very interesting conversation about horse racing.

Me: Mutley can’t hear.

Nell: No, but he is excellent at nodding and saying ‘Exactly.’ And Joyce helped.

Me: What did The Queen think of Myfanwy and Knitwear Wolf?

Nell: She found them an unusual couple. She complimented Rupert on his kilt.

Me: What about Little Frankie?

Nell: He sat on her knee with Henry and Horst. Lady Anwen was not amused.

Me: Does she object to woodlice?

Nell: I can’t think why. They were discreetly placed on Frankie’s hat and behaved impeccably.

Me: The Welsh corgi choir sang beautifully at the second tea.

Nell: We probably didn’t need the dancing, especially from the larger animals, but I think it was a great success overall. I was proud of everyone.

Me: Even me?

Nell: Especially you, even if you did hold on to her hand for a little bit too long.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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