We are visiting The Queen

Nell: Too much?

Me: Well, it might be.

Nell: I told The Cat it was more of an evening tiara.

Me: It is a little formal. In fact it’s almost a crown, to be honest.

Nell: One doesn’t want to upstage The Queen.

Me: Not really. She might not be wearing a hat at all.

Nell: Not inside, perhaps, but I’m sure she will wear one later when we tour the stables and I introduce her to the larger animals.

Me: Won’t they be joining you for tea?

Nell: Due to the excessive and diverse number of guests, some will dine outside.

Me: But they’ve got boots and name badges.

Nell: Buckingham Palace isn’t designed for alpacas, reindeer and moose. David suggested a second tea and this was accepted.

Me: A second tea?

Nell: I think most of us will manage another scone and some cake.

Me: Dave certainly will.

Nell: Why are you wearing a hat?

Me: You said hats must be worn by everyone. Frankie is wearing one.

Nell: Of course he is. Frank will be meeting The Queen.

Me: What about me?

Nell: You know this is a strictly animals only visit.

Me: I just thought as I’m driving the minibus I might say a quick hello.

Nell: Do you think the Prime Minister’s chauffeur joins him when he visits The Queen for a quick hello?

Me: I suppose not.

Nell: I’m afraid my paws are tied. But you can join in the second tea if you promise to be discreet.

Me: I can?

Nell: A simple curtsey, or bow, will suffice when The Queen walks by.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Don’t forget your notebook and pen. This is a visit that needs recording. And no hugging. I know what you’re like when you’re excited.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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