Joyce is concerned about Charlie

Me: Mutley and Joyce seem to be getting on well.

Nell: Yes. She’s a delightful animal. We had the most interesting conversation about James Bond yesterday.

Me: James Bond?

Nell: Yes. She was asking me about Charlie and we moved on to our favourite Bond.

Me: You didn’t tell her Charlie worked for the Secret Service, did you?

Nell: She already knew. Mutley must have told her, which was a little remiss of him I must say, but then he is getting on in years.

Me: I am very surprised. That’s completely out of character. Mutley is normally so cautious.

Nell: I know, but when one first falls for someone, caution is thrown to the wind. You must remember those early days.

Me: Yes. I suppose so.

Nell: Anyway, I was telling Joyce that Sean Connery will always be my favourite Bond. Who is yours by the way?

Me: I’m hoping Idris Elba will take over.

Nell: Yes. Idris is charming. I met him at the Royal Wedding you know.

Me: I remember. Who is Joyce’s favourite then?

Nell: Joyce said she is rather partial to Daniel Craig.

Me: What did she want to know about Charlie?

Nell: Just how he is doing health wise. She was very concerned.

Me: Mutley certainly opened up to her about him.

Nell: It’s funny because Charlie thinks he knows her from somewhere only he can’t remember where.

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes.

Me: So what are your plans today?

Nell: I think cuddling up in front of the fire with a good book is the best idea today.

Me: I agree.

Nell: Joyce said she might call round later.

Me: Did she indeed? To see Mutley, or Charlie?

Nell: Mutley, of course. Why would she want to see Charlie?

Me: I just wondered. Sorry.

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