A memorable Visit

Me: You look a little pained.

Nell: I’m sitting in a frosty meadow. You try it.

Me: I wondered if it was after yesterday’s adventures.

Nell: I shall certainly need some time to recover from it all.

Me: Come on, Nell, we had a wonderful time.

Nell: Ketchup is no longer allowed in the horse box. Did you see the mess the large animals made after their trip to MuttDonalds?

Me: They couldn’t see anything, Nell. They were wearing hats and boots and there wasn’t much room to move around.

Nell: Sticking their burgers on the end of Olive’s antlers.

Me: Olive didn’t mind.

Nell: How did Henry and Horst get in there? They were meant to be in the minibus.

Me: They were travelling on Alejandro’s sombrero.

Nell: And how on earth did Gladys and Mutley end up on stage at the Princess Theatre?

Me: They went through the wrong door.

Nell: Gladys can dance but Mutley was wearing Ugg boots and he couldn’t hear the music.

Me: He tried though. The audience loved them.

Nell: And just when I thought it was over, David walks on in his top hat and joins Mutley in a celebration of Sinatra.

Me: Those boys can sing, though. Did you hear the applause for ‘My Way’?

Nell: They can’t do this kind of thing at the Palace.

Me: The Queen might enjoy it.

Nell: These impromptu performances have to stop.

Me: Poppy’s scones were a huge success with passers-by.

Nell: Handed out of the window on the end of her sword?

Me: Ingenious.

Nell: Well, Torquay isn’t going to forget us all in a hurry.

Me: That’s exactly what the reporter from the Daily Growl said.

Nell: What reporter?

Me: The one covering our visit.

Nell: With photos?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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