Are we going yet?

Me: You are all still in bed. I thought we were going to Torquay.

Nell: We are. Later. Let us sleep, please.

Me: I can tell Dave doesn’t want to sleep. He’s got his long suffering face on. It’s just you three girls who are sluggabeds.

Nell: Sluggabeds? How dare you. David wasn’t up early this morning baking bread for everyone like Poppy was.

Me: He isn’t allowed in the kitchen at the moment, after the incident with the missing quiche.

Nell: He also wasn’t up late last night making badges like Harriet and I were.

Me: Badges?

Nell: Yes. Every animal needs a badge in case it gets lost. Name, address, telephone number and species.

Me: Species?

Nell: We don’t want Alejandro put in with the llamas, for instance. He’s an alpaca.

Me: What llamas?

Nell: You don’t know who is wandering around over there. Torquay is a very popular place.

Me: With llamas?

Nell: Stranger things have happened.

Me: True.

Nell: And Malcolm is a Lesser Flamingo. You can’t shove him in with the Highers.

Me: Shove him in where? What do you think is going on in Torquay?

Nell: I am simply covering all eventualities. Imagine Henry and Horst stuck with a group of beetles?

Me: I’d much rather not.

Nell: Quite. We just need a few more minutes to gather our thoughts.

Me: Talking of gathering, a large group of animals in hats and boots are gathering downstairs.

Nell: Good grief. We shall have to join them then. Could you help with the distribution of badges please?

Me: Of course.

Nell: The Cat has threaded them on to sequinned ribbons so they can be worn around the neck.

Me: Henry and Horst don’t have necks.

Nell: Theirs are stick ons. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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