Strong but not so silent

Nell: David is in the living room practising being handsome.

Me: He is handsome.

Nell: He has found a spot of sunlight and is working on his strong silent look.

Me: It wasn’t very silent this morning.

Nell: I told those corgis. Sunday morning songs should be gentle but did they listen?

Me: Obviously not.

Nell: They were all wearing green feathered caps and carrying bows and arrows.

Me: I know.

Nell: Timothy fainted.

Me: Oh no.

Nell: He is always on edge at this time of year and he thought his day had come. It was lucky Malcolm had made some mulled wine for the choir. He’s sleeping it off now.

Me: It’s tough being a turkey.

Nell: Did you hear what they were singing?

Me: I liked it.

Nell: ‘ Robin Woof, Robin Woof riding in his clogs

Robin Woof, Robin Woof with his Merry Dogs

Feared by the bad, loved by the good

Robin Woof, Robin Woof, Robin Woof’

Me: It’s rather catchy, isn’t it?

Nell: Robin Woof doesn’t wear clogs. Who on earth wrote that?

Me: I couldn’t find another rhyme. I tried ‘riding through the fog’ but you can’t have one Merry Dog.

Nell: I might have known it was you.

Me: The second verse is better.

Nell: You mean ‘Robin Woof, Robin Woof riding on the beach

Robin Woof, Robin Woof hear those Beefies screech

Handsome and brave, strong as a moose

Robin Hoof, Robin Hoof, Robin Hoof’

Me: Dave loves it.

Nell: Strong as a moose? We live in England not Canada. We don’t have moose.

Me: Well, who is that in the red jacket and brown hat then?

Nell: Where?

Me: In the garden, talking to Knitwear Wolf.

Nell: Could you ask Malcolm to bring me a mulled wine please?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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