Christmas is a time for Giving and Forgiving

Me: What are those three waiting for?

Nell: Tony and treats.

Me: Surely a visit from Tony is treat enough.

Nell: No dog refuses a treat, unless they are sick, or suspicious.

Me: Suspicious?

Nell: Beware of the Beefy bearing gifts.

Me: True.

Nell: I have been known to refuse a stale scone if thrown in anger.

Me: Or a wet mackerel.

Nell: Exactly. David struggles to refuse food, however, even from Beefies.

Me: I know. He’s in the kitchen now with three Beefies and a stack of Malcolm’s pancakes.

Nell: I beg your pardon. Did you say three Beefies are in our kitchen eating pancakes?

Me: Yes. They had an early morning rehearsal with Knitwear Wolf and are about to go for a fitting with The Cat.

Nell: This is outrageous.

Me: You knew they were auditioning to be part of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Band of Baddies.

Nell: Band of Baddies? You’ll be telling me they sing next.

Me: They do. It’s not very tuneful. In fact it’s a bit screechy but they are putting their all into it.

Nell: I think I need a lie down.

Me: Gull is one of them and you know he is a good Beefy.

Nell: Yes, but what about the other two?

Me: You mean the two in the kitchen?

Nell: Are there others then?

Me: There might be. But there’s only one big one.

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: Rupert says it’s Christmas and a time for giving and forgiving.

Nell: Has he been on the mulled wine? Who is the big Beefy?

Me: Stephen Seagull.

Nell: Our arch enemy?

Me: What you don’t know, Nell, is that Stephen has always dreamt of being on stage. This is literally a dream come true.

Nell: Or my worst nightmare.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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