Bug Watching

Me: Where’s Harriet?

Nell: On Bug Watch in the back garden.

Me: Why?

Nell: There have been a couple of unfortunate incidents. Not everyone gets on as well with each other as they should.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: There have also been a few Beefy sightings and Alejandro was woken by a wet fish in his hammock. Susan and Malcolm had it for breakfast.

Me: Can you explain the Whispering to me again?

Nell: Yes. Our bugs are going to influence the Beefies’ decisions by whispering to them.

Me: A bug’s whisper is going to be awfully quiet.

Nell: They are learning to whisper loudly. David has been a great help. He is used to talking to Mutley.

Me: Yes.

Nell: They will be like their little consciences.

Me: Do Beefies even have consciences?

Nell: Gull says they do.

Me: Is Gull in the team?

Nell: Gull is out there in the thick of it all. He, Henry and Horst are working closely together.

Me: Won’t the bugs get tired?

Nell: They’re working shifts. Bugs can be replaced in the knitted hats, or scarves so they can leave when they have enough information. Messages will be relayed by P Mail.

Me: P Mail? Don’t you mean email?

Nell: Certainly not. Walter Pigeon and the Beaky Blinders are on board. They don’t like the Beefies either.

Me: How does P Mail work?

Nell: Pigeons will collect and distribute bugs from various collection points.

Me: Have you considered some may get lost in the field?

Nell: Yes. The risk is high but our noble bugs are prepared.

Me: I don’t think the ones in the socks are going to hear anything and as for whispering…

Nell: Socks aren’t going to be bugged. Try and show a little common sense.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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