It’s all about Whispering

Nell: I know the plan. Can you be trusted not to talk?

Me: Of course I can. What is Dave doing to Poppy?

Nell: Practising his technique. It’s all about Whispering.

Me: Whispering?

Nell: Yes. David obviously isn’t going to be on the Whispering Team but he is getting into the spirit of it all.

Me: Whispering Team?

Nell: Now, Henry and Horst will be running Whispering Workshops from here in conjunction with Lesley the Lizard.

Me: Goodness me.

Nell: So don’t be alarmed if a large number of insects come and go.

Me: Not spiders?

Nell: Yes, but probably not the big hairy ones.

Me: Not lizards?

Nell: Small ones, perhaps.

Me: Why?

Nell: Knitwear Wolf is going into business with the Beefies.

Me: That’s a dreadful idea.

Nell: He proved his badness by secretly shearing Bert the Sheep and stealing his wool and now the Beefies are keen to work with him.

Me: Doing what?

Nell: Supplying their troops with knitted hats and scarves, of course. Do keep up.

Me: So the Beefies and The horrible Black Claw will be wearing Knitwear Wolf and The Cat’s autumn collection?

Nell: Not all of it. Cardigans and jumpsuits aren’t really the thing for birds, but a warm cloak perhaps and socks.

Me: So the plan to defeat them is by keeping them warm?

Nell: No. What they don’t know is everything will be bugged.

Me: Bugged? With listening devices?

Nell: Yes. Live ones. Small insects will hide in them.

Me: How disgusting.

Nell: The exciting thing about our plan is that our bugs work both ways.

Me: Now, I’m confused.

Nell: They don’t only listen. They whisper.

Me: Ah, they whisper. How clever.

Nell: You have no idea what’s going on, do you?

Me: No. I haven’t a clue. Sorry.

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