Friday Revelations

Nell: Did you want something? Only Poppy and I have a few things to discuss.

Me: It’s just I’ve been waiting for ages to find out what’s going on.

Nell: Haven’t we all?

Me: Tell me about Knitwear Wolf. Why did Charlie invite him to the meeting?

Nell: Knitwear Wolf is not who he seems.

Me: Is he a jackal?

Nell: A jackal? Where on earth did that come from? No, he’s a wolf.

Me: A big bad wolf?

Nell: No, an undercover wolf.

Me: In a cardigan?

Nell: I agree that a cardigan, or any kind of knitted garment, is an odd choice for a disguise, but it works.

Me: Does it?

Nell: Yes, people don’t feel threatened by someone wearing wool. You rarely hear that police are looking for a criminal in a cardigan.

Me: Why is he undercover?

Nell: He is working for GOOD.

Me: I hope we all are, in our own way.

Nell: No. Generally Optimistic and Obedient Animals. A division of the United Animals.

Me: They wear bandanas.

Nell. Not when they are undercover. They are trying to stop the evil Black Claw organisation from infiltrating BAD.

Me: The Bad Animal Division? The one Naughty Nigel tried to infiltrate?

Nell: Yes. When Charlie realised his health was failing he knew he would need help so Sally suggested Prince.

Me: I thought he was dead.

Nell: No. Prince is Rupert’s code name. He is an international spy.

Me: Of course he is. Prince Rupert. Silly me.

Nell: Anyway, Rupert agreed and came here disguised as Knitwear Wolf.

Me: But why did he choose our family as his gang of thieves?

Nell: Every Prince needs a Princess.

Me: Wait. The flowers. It must be Harriet.

Nell: Yes. Code name Princess.

Me: It makes sense now. Sorry.

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