David has done it again

Nell: David has done it again.

Me: He is just naturally affectionate, Nell.

Nell: He was doing so well greeting Graham with restraint.

Me: Linda was sitting on his lounger.

Nell: Guests have to be treated with respect.

Me: He doesn’t know he’s big. He thinks he’s a lap dog.

Nell: She was trying to read.

Me: Linda didn’t mind.

Nell: Our plans already suffered a last minute change yesterday.

Me: We still had a lovely lunch by the sea.

Nell: A very brief lunch, if you remember, as you had to pursue your career as a celebrity.

Me: It was only a short interview on Radio Devon. They were talking about dogs doing naughty things.

Nell: So you felt the need to contribute?

Me: They’d heard about our conversations and wondered if I had any stories I could share.

Nell: So you did.

Me: Yes, but only a few.

Nell: You betrayed David.

Me: I just said he eats things by mistake.

Nell: Would you like your mistakes to be broadcast to the world?

Me: It wasn’t the world. Anyway, you tell me off all the time.

Nell: No. I try to guide you. It’s different. You get carried away.

Me: Yes, I do.

Nell: Someone has to keep you grounded.

Me: Yes.

Nell: You simply can’t live in a fantasy world.

Me: No. You’re right.

Nell: Now, if anyone needs me I’ll be over at the Big House with The Cat.

Me: Why?

Nell: Knitwear Wolf is refusing to have sequins sewn on to his poncho. He says it’s too tacky.

Me: I’m on his side.

Nell: But sequins are essential for Catwear. Everyone knows that.

Me: Catwear?

Nell: Yes. The Cat has its own fashion line. It’s branching out into wool. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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