Hiding from Ponchos

Me: Why are the puppies under the kitchen table?

Nell: They are hiding from sequinned ponchos and by the way nobody in their right mind could think David was a puppy.

Me: It’s a sign of affection. You know it’s my special name for you. You love it when Kev and I call you ‘Pup’.

Nell: Do you mind not revealing all of my personal secrets to the world?

Me: Anyway, what’s scary about sequinned ponchos?

Nell: You obviously haven’t seen them. It took us half an hour to get Mutley out of his. They are vast and snaggly.

Me: Is snaggly a word?

Nell: It is when you get snaggled by one of those ponchos. The sequins get caught in your fur and they are so heavy. Malcolm lost a feather.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: David is actually scared of his.

Me: Is that why you’re whispering?

Nell: Yes. If he hears the word ‘Poncho’ he runs away. Harriet is protecting him.

Me: Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Less of the brave. Poppy is carrying her sword around ready to strike if someone tries to throw a poncho over her head.

Me: It doesn’t really bode well for sales, though, does it? I mean if the models are scared of them.

Nell: Not everyone is. Gladys simply adores them. She has two. A day poncho and an evening one.

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes. She says you can leave your fur unbrushed without fear of discovery.

Me: True.

Nell: Pamela the Pyrenean Mountain Dog uses hers to change under when she’s on the beach.

Me: Now that is a good idea but I don’t think I’m a poncho kind of person.

Nell: Then steer clear of The Cat and please try and whisper when you say that word.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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