After the photo shoot

Me: I think this photo says it all really.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: Sticking your tongue out at Martyn the Photographer when he was such a friendly man.

Nell: He took my ball.

Me: Plonking your legs out in an ‘I’m not moving’ stance.

Nell: Plonking? I never plonk. Is that even a word?

Me: Well, you plonked yesterday.

Nell: He expected me to sit on a table.

Me: That was only for the studio photos.

Nell: I’m used to soft sofas and armchairs.

Me: It wasn’t for long.

Nell: And he turned all the lights out except for that dentist light.

Me: It was special lighting. We had a lovely walk around the gardens with him before that.

Nell: Yes, but we kept stopping and I was asked to gaze into your eyes.

Me: You just had to glance at me once, or twice. You were supposed to look as if you were listening.

Nell: You can have a conversation without gazing at someone like a lovesick llama.

Me: Talking of llamas, Alejandro was looking for you.

Nell: Oh yes. That will be about the jousting.

Me: Jousting?

Nell: Yes. Gladys has challenged Poppy. David and Alejandro have offered to be their noble steeds and carry them on their backs.

Me: I’ve heard it all now.

Nell: We are trying to organise a couple of lances. Count Bingo thinks he might have some in the attic.

Me: As one does.

Nell: Yes. The Cat is in charge of the costumes and the Whippets Institute are providing the bunting.

Me: They’re not going to wear armour are they?

Nell: The Whippets Institute? Certainly not.

Me: I meant Poppy and Gladys.

Nell: Of course they are. Do you want someone to get hurt?

Me: No. You are right. Sorry.

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