Can turkeys fly?

Me: Those two. The best of friends. Dave nearly knocked Tony over.

Nell: Yes. David can be rather exuberant at times. We are hoping to meet little Ollie as soon as he’s had his vaccinations.

Me: I can’t wait. A darling little baby Labrador.

Nell: Don’t start. You and Kev have more than enough to be going on with. We five Martins plus Gladys and Charlie, a flamingo and a turkey.

Me: Aren’t you a Shepherd now that you and Charlie are married?

Nell: I decided to keep my name. It’s quite acceptable nowadays. It saves changing my passport, driving licence, credit cards etc.

Me: I didn’t know you could drive.

Nell: Of course I can.

Me: I didn’t know you had a passport either.

Nell: We’ve all got passports. How do you think Timothy went to Italy?

Me: I thought he flew there.

Nell: Yes. He did.

Me: Well, he wouldn’t need a passport then, would he?

Nell: Of course he would.

Me: He could just land where ever he wanted to.

Nell: You didn’t think he actually flew there himself did you? All the way to Italy? Under his own steam? Using his wings?

Me: I suppose I did.

Nell: That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows turkeys can hardly fly and Timothy isn’t exactly athletic.

Me: I didn’t know. How did he get there then?

Nell: He flew with EasyJet, of course. Like so many of us. No frills but reasonably priced.

Me: Oh, I see. Cheep and cheerful. See what I did there?

Nell: Very funny. I suppose you think Malcolm and Susan are going to fly to the French Riviera for their honeymoon themselves?

Me: Aren’t they?

Nell: Certainly not, Poppy is flying them down there in her helicopter. Do keep up.

Me: Of course. Silly me. Sorry.

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