Welcome little Ollie

Nell: David was delighted to see Tony the Postman again after his holiday. Especially with his wonderful news.

Me: Yes. Welcome to little Ollie. It’s been such a sad time since he lost Milo so suddenly. I am very glad he and Sue decided to give Ollie a loving home.

Nell: Yes. Ollie chose well. Tony needs a dog in his life. Some people do and we know them when we see them.

Me: Yes. Tony wasn’t sure if it was too soon but I think Milo would be happy for him.

Nell: Yes. Milo is his Guardian and watching over him now. He knows Tony will always carry him in his heart.

Me: Yes. Ollie reminds me of Dave when he was small.

Nell: Except Ollie is 8 weeks and David was that size at 4 weeks, or so I am told as I was not allowed to visit my family home if you remember.

Me: There were eight puppies, Nell, and we were told not to bring you.

Nell: David and Harriet’s mother is my sister Maisie.

Me: Yes, but there was nothing I could do. Anyway, I am hoping Tony and Sue will bring Ollie over to meet us all soon.

Nell: Yes, but don’t get any ideas. We have a houseful already with Timothy returning from Tuscany for the wedding.

Me: That turkey certainly gets around.

Nell: He led a very sheltered life until he came to us. Now he is exploring the world.

Me: Yes, it’s good to see him spread his wings.

Nell: Do stop. Don’t tell me David is singing again. If I have to hear ‘Just the one Cornetto’ again I will scream.

Me: You won’t be happy about his backing singers then.

Nell: What backing singers?

Me: The Welsh corgi choir have just arrived and they are all wearing hats. Sorry.

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