Well done

Me: Well done. You’ve reached your ideal weight. Emily the Vet is very pleased with you.

Nell: I still object to the public weigh in.

Me: There is no other way.

Nell: Yes, but shouting it out like that. You wouldn’t like it.

Me: I wouldn’t. It’s bad enough without anyone watching.

Nell: The new collar and lead are most welcome, however. I have been wearing a boy’s collar for far too long.

Me: Yes, although it was a way of you being incognito. Some people thought you were called Neil.

Nell: Do I look like a Neil?

Me: Not really. We might need to create an alias though. When we are undercover.

Nell: Eleanor will do.

Me: Or Petronella. That sounds like a spy.

Nell: I’m hoping you and I won’t need to go undercover as it is definitely not one of your strengths.

Me: But we need to find out if Gelato is friend, or foe.

Nell: Yes. I know. That’s why David is about to go and see him. But no eating ice cream. It’s part of his Avoiding Temptation training.

Me: Poor hungry boy.

Nell: He had a large breakfast so he is not a hungry boy and stop mollycoddling him. He is two now and can stand on his own four paws.

Me: Yes.

Nell: So, let’s hope he gets the job.

Me: What job?

Nell: Selling ice cream for Gelato, of course. Do keep up. Is that him leaving now?

Me: Yes. I’m not sure he should have dressed as a gondolier. Although the hat suits him and I like the moustache.

Nell: He isn’t carrying a pole is he? Only they actually use a paddle. It’s a mistake people often make.

Me: No, don’t worry, just Gladys in your handbag.

Nell: Unbelievable.

Me: Sorry.

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