Friday grumbles

Me: Why are you giving me that look?

Nell: Mutley is sleeping on my sofa and there are footstools everywhere.

Me: The sofa is huge, Nell. There’s plenty of room.

Nell: He doesn’t like to be moved.

Me: There’s another sofa and an armchair.

Nell: It’s my favourite sofa.

Me: Kev has even made us a fire because it was a bit chilly this morning.

Nell: You have a favourite armchair.

Me: I know I do.

Nell: And I have a favourite sofa.

Me: Why are you in such a difficult mood?

Nell: I don’t like the fact that both puppies have gone to London with Sally. I don’t think David is ready to be Considered.

Me: Charlie thinks he has great potential as a spy. He has such winning ways.

Nell: I know. But he isn’t worldly wise like Harriet.

Me: No, but he is a big brave boy and he knows what’s right and wrong.

Nell: He would do anything for a scone.

Me: Apparently that is part of his test. He has to learn to resist temptation. Now that he’s two he might have matured.

Nell: Rubbish. And why on earth did they allow Gladys to accompany him and The Cat? They’ve even taken my handbag.

Me: Charlie says they are part of Dave’s team.

Nell: Well, I am very glad they will be home this evening.

Me: Yes. They can tell us all about it.

Nell: If that’s a pelican at the door, ask him to go through to the kitchen, please.

Me: A pelican? Here in Devon?

Nell: Yes. He is here to see Malcolm about the wedding.

Me: I didn’t know Malcolm had invited any pelicans.

Nell: He’s not a guest, he’s a celebrant from Exmoor. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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